Career Assistance

Students in the fully-accredited master's program offered though GalvanizeU-University of New Haven benefit from access to the Galvanize's robust career services curriculum and structured placement support with our robust hiring network.

Career Services Curriculum

From day one, our students are exposed to our robust career services curriculum that thoroughly prepares them to secure a data science role upon graduation. Our career services team work with our students throughout their 12 months in the program on topics such as:

The Tech Landscape
Job Search Strategy
Interview Prep
Salary Negotiation

Our career services team is dedicated to the success of our students and will continue to work with our students until they are placed into a data science role. Job placements and salary statistics are based on placement in data science roles within 6 months of graduation. As our first cohort graduated on May 15, 2016, and our second cohort on August 17, 2016, we do not yet have career placement figures for the master's program as we have not yet reached the 6-month mark from graduation. We will post these figures in the near future.