Student Resources

Students in the Master of Science in Data Science program are supported every step of the way by the University of New Haven and GalvanizeU. While students spend the entire duration of the program at Galvanize - San Francisco, students benefit from access to the typical UNH resources in addition to Galvanize amenities.

Student Services Coordinator

The student services coordinator helps in the following areas:

  • Admissions
  • Financial Aid
  • International Student Services
  • Student Advisement
  • Liaison between the UNH main campus and GalvanizeU satellite site


Students can reference the list below for off-campus housing and transportation options to aid in their search. UNH and Galvanize does not formally endorse these options, although students may find the tips below helpful.

  • Neighborhoods:
  • Rentals
    • Craigslist
      • On the Craigslist search page, you can filter by area and neighborhood. A place in San Francisco will be more convenient, but more expensive. The East Bay is a great alternative, particularly Berkeley and Oakland. South San Francisco/Daly City are also affordable options, but quieter. Our office is 2 blocks from the Montgomery BART and MUNI station, which makes commuting very easy. We are also close to a number of bus lines that go all over the city.
  • Group Living Houses
    • You’re not the only one moving here temporarily to do cool stuff in the technology industry. Some of the places listed below are intended for shorter term stays (several months) but some are open to longer terms. They are also great places to start out and get to know people. There are a few hacker houses in the city which work a bit like dorms or hostels for founders and technologists. We’ve had alumni and friends stay at:


  • Airport
    • If you are flying here, there are 2 easily-accessible airports: San Francisco (SFO) and Oakland (OAK). There is also an airport in the nearby city of San Jose, which sometimes has discount flights especially on Southwest. Both SFO and OAK are BART-accessible, meaning you can walk out of the airport and get on a BART train to the city or wherever you’re going.
    • If you have too much stuff, it’s very easy to book a shared van service ride to or from the airport using Super Shuttle
  • San Francisco
    • Public Transit: Get a Clipper Card
      • When you arrive in SF, find a Walgreens and ask for a new Clipper Card. These transit cards work on the MUNI buses, MUNI light rail, BART (commuter train to East Bay), and CalTrain (commuter train to South Bay and San Jose). You can add cash to them at any MUNI station or online, or add monthly passes for any transit company.
      • SF transit map