Student Ambassador Program

Student Ambassadors

Alexander Barriga

UC Berkeley, BS Physics

Shortly after graduating, Alexander learned about the emerging Big Data revolution of the 21st century and how Data Scientists are at the forefront. Knowing that his academic background in physics gave him a strong foundation in which to pursue data science, and after comparing several programs, he chose gU to pursue his data science education due to their expertise and focus on industry. His current area of interest in data science is in extracting features from high resolution images and recommendation systems. Alexander’s diverse interests in life include dancing Tango, weight lifting, cycling, meditating, as well as exploring the great outdoors.

Brandon Fetters

University of New Mexico, BBA Management Information Systems

Brandon is a data scientist and software engineer with more than 10 years experience building value added technical solutions to meet business needs. He recently co-founded his second startup, Appryze, with the vision to offer affordable IT solutions to small businesses. A recent transplant to the Bay Area Brandon already misses the roasted Hatch green chile from New Mexico so much he has it shipped to him.

Katherine Aquino

UC Irvine, BS. Physics
UC Berkeley, PostBach Certificate: Information Systems & Management
UC Berkeley, PostBach Certificate: CA Teaching Credential - Single Subject Physics

Kat is passionate about data science, education, and social justice. For over 10 years, Kat was a director at a non-profit agency managing education programs that assisted low-income students to be first in their family to graduate from college. When she’s not coding, Kat likes to unplug and hang out with friends in the Mission, go hiking at Mount Tam., and work on DIY home decorating projects.

Marvin Bertin

Mcgill Univeristy, B.Eng. Mechanical Engineering

Marvin obtained a degree in Mechanical engineering at McGill University, followed by year-long exchange program at the University for Sydney studying Aeronautics. He was introduced to Data Science after a Robotics internship at the Technical University of Berlin. With a true passion for learning and traveling, GalvanizeU-University of New Haven’s master’s program in the heart of Silicon Valley just felt like the next logical step for him. After an internship at Skymind, a deep learning startup, Marvin decided to join Driver Group, a genomics startup in stealth mode, for his capstone project. At the forefront of next generation DNA sequencing, he now builds intelligent applications in Machine Learning and Deep Learning to help cancer patients obtain access to precision therapies. When he's not coding or reading Deep Learning papers, you can find Marvin Kiteboarding in the Bay or rock climbing at Planet Granite.

Hollis Nolan

UC Santa Barbara, BA Business Economics

Hollis studied business at UC Santa Barbara, with a focus in digital audio through their Media Arts and Technology program. Six days after graduation, he went on the road as a sound engineer mixing audio and doing live sound analytics on huge music festivals including Warped Tour, Coachella, and Outside Lands. Finding that the bands distracted him from the data, Hollis started teaching himself Python before enrolling in the MSDS program. In his free time, you can find Hollis hiking, taking landscape photography, rock climbing, and biking.

Archana Gupta

Karnatak University (India), B.S. Computer Science
University of Keele (United Kingdom), Post-Graduate Diploma in International Education

Archana believes that curiosity and learning are two sides of the same coin. This belief has underlined her career path in information technology where she has worked for companies such as Autodesk, Intuit and Cadence Design Systems. Her desire to find solutions to complex data driven problems piqued her interest in data science. She is particularly interested in the confluence of data science and pedagogy. In her free time, Archana enjoys traveling and cycling.

Lucas Ramadan

Whitman College, B.A. Chemistry

Prior to entering the world of Data Science, Lucas worked as a research assistant in the field of chemistry. Through designing biodegradable plastics, Lucas realized his true passion: finding meaning in data. While working in category design and market research at Play Bigger, he began teaching himself Python in his spare time. Lucas chose to enroll in the MSDS program because it allowed him to learn cutting-edge data science techniques from faculty who have both academic and professional experience in their field. He liked the program’s focus on not only the theoretical, but also practical application. In his free time, Lucas prefers to spend time outside, playing soccer or hiking, and exploring the world, surfing or snowboarding in far off places.

Jason Hortsch

University of Portland, BA Mathematics

After graduating from the University of Portland, Jason spent a year living in Germany where he worked as a Fulbright Scholar teaching English. Once he returned to the U.S., Jason was frustrated by difficulty in finding a job that satisfactorily leveraged his true passion of math. After working for a couple of years, he eventually realized that the field of data science was the way of the future. Initially introduced to Galvanize community through a friend, Jason found his home in their graduate degree offered through their partnership with the University of New Haven. In his free time, Jason is a die-hard Portland Trail Blazers fan, but also follows the NFL, tennis, and soccer.

Brian Huang

University of Texas, Austin. B.S. Statistics & B.A. Asian Studies

While earning his undergraduate degree, Brian’s favorite courses were Statistics and Numerical Analysis. In addition to wanting to further grow his knowledge in stats and numerical analysis, he was highly interested in a career in working with data. He ultimately decided to join the MSDS program because of the highly unique opportunities the program offered. He loved the idea of earning his master’s degree in the Galvanize environment surrounded by countless industry-aligned tech companies. Brian aspires to work in the field of consulting, with a specialization in the field of medical data and technology, with the ultimate goal of become a teacher or lecturer in the future.

Mallori Harrell

Smith College, B.S. Engineering Science
Università degli Studi di Trento, M.S. Cognitive Neuroscience

Recipient of the Jesse Jackson Scholarship in Data Science

While conducting research for her master’s thesis in Cognitive Neuroscience, Mallori realized many labs at the forefront of cognitive neuroscience used machine learning to dive deeper into their data and gain insights into the processes of the brain. Inspired by the endless opportunities in data science, Mallori decided to move to San Francisco where she could earn her Master of Science in Data Science degree from the GalvanizeU-University of New Haven program. Mallori is currently interested in applying data science to e-commerce problems.

Deepesh Chaudhari

Pune University, B.E. Information Technology

Deepesh has a passion for turning data into meaningful stories. Prior to joining the GalvanizeU-UNH master’s program, Deepesh held positions as a Microsoft Student Partner, as well as a Wikipedia Ambassador. He has also worked with state government in advising departments on their public outreach projects. Additionally, Deepesh spent few years as co-founder at Synergiclinks where he led a team in designing civic apps and grew his skills in database management, engineering, and marketing. Currently, Deepesh is a graduate assistant at Skymind. He’s an enthusiastic member of the larger movement to evolve the emerging discipline of deep learning. New to San Francisco, he loves the city and the large technology community. In his free time, Deepesh has a photography blog of his San Francisco adventures at

Jaime Jose Almeida

Georgia Institute of Technology, B.S. Industrial Engineering

With a passion for the optimization of complex systems, Jaime graduated with an industrial engineering degree from Georgia Tech. Prior to joining the program, Jaime worked as a Process Engineer, and then later as a Manufacturing and Analytics Supervisor for an oil-and-gas equipment manufacturer. Realizing that data science was going to be paramount, not only for his career movement towards predictive and prescriptive analytics, but as a fundamental skill set in the age of artificial intelligence, Jaime joined the MSDS program in August 2016. When Jaime is not in class or crashing his server, you can find him tweaking his Omnipod or Dexcom devices, running by the water at the Embarcadero, or checking out open-mic standup spots in San Francisco.

Vijeth Lomada

Amrita University, B.Tech. Electronics and Communication Engineering

Vijeth was introduced to the field of data science while working on a project during his undergraduate studies: Wearable hand-gesture recognition device to control home appliances. He decided to join the Galvanize-University of New Haven's Master of Science in Data Science program in the fall of August 2016 because he believes that this program would provide him the practical skill set necessary for the fast growing field of data science. His current interests and passions in data science are in the areas of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).